by A Sudden Revive

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This song was written in memorial of Jacob's brother and Stephen's good friend Bryan "BJ" Paul Strum, who passed away on August 11th, 2009, due to suicide. This song is for anyone who is going through a tough time and is on the verge of making that decision. Stand straight and fight on.


I've been down in the hollows
I know exactly what it's like
To breathe in air that's too thick to swallow
I'd suggest not to follow
Cause the only reward was an even deeper sorrow

Never make a life ending decision
That was simply based on impulse
I've considered kicking the chair
I've held my breath til I was out of air
Til this life was clouded by fear
I have been there


Don't leave this world today when there's a better life
Waiting for you tomorrow
Gripping a gun
You've said that you're done
But don't let this depression take the best of you

You feel like giving up as if there's no other option
Wipe the worry from your eyes
Gilded full of lies
Only way through this is realizing you're alright
(Realizing you're alright)
The only way through this is realizing you're alright

We will stand straight until the end
Til we find happiness from within
We will never give up this fight
(Stand straight and fight on) x2

Walk with your head held high
(I cannot breathe)
Stop letting them break you down
(I'm on my knees)
Walk with your head held high


Walk with your head held high
Stop letting them break you down
Walk with your head held high, kid
Stop letting them break you down



released September 1, 2013
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Hunt.



all rights reserved


A Sudden Revive Dallas, Texas

A Sudden Revive is a 5 piece melodic metalcore outfit based out of the suburbs of Dallas.

Garrett Parsa: Lead Vocals
Jake Lewis: Lead Guitar
Rane Aldridge: Bass
Jacob Ortega: Drums

Past members
Brandon Howk: Lead Vocals (2009-2012)
Stephen Bricker:
Lead Vocals (2012-2015)
Jacob Gauthier: Drums (2009-2011)
Joey Almanza: Bass (2010)
Anthony Vera: Drums (2011-2012)
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