Death Bed

by A Sudden Revive

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Through my eyes I see
That there's too many people
Too obsessed with what the world
Has come to be
Over examining every possibility
Of how they could become
Another casualty
To another conspiracy

They've thrown their lives away
They've been consumed
With the possibility
Of corruption
And seeking answers
As if these answers are worth
Anything at all

They seem to believe
That if they find out
That they've been right all along
That it will change the outcome
Of the tragedy that occurred
Their lives have been blurred
Paranoia takes its control
(Takes its control)
Don't let it overtake me

Life can pass so quickly
(Can pass so quickly)
All in a matter of moments
Stop dwelling on the minor things
And just live

A man
On his deathbed
Only wishes for one thing
That he can go back
And relive these moments
That passed too quickly
He realized that he was
Too focused on death
That he'd forgotten how to live

All time has been lost
While their minds have been
Too focused on when
They take their final breath

Just live
Stop wasting your time
Just live
Stop wasting the time of your life


released June 17, 2015
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by HAM STUDIOS



all rights reserved


A Sudden Revive Dallas, Texas

A Sudden Revive is a 5 piece melodic metalcore outfit based out of the suburbs of Dallas.

Garrett Parsa: Lead Vocals
Jake Lewis: Lead Guitar
Rane Aldridge: Bass
Jacob Ortega: Drums

Past members
Brandon Howk: Lead Vocals (2009-2012)
Stephen Bricker:
Lead Vocals (2012-2015)
Jacob Gauthier: Drums (2009-2011)
Joey Almanza: Bass (2010)
Anthony Vera: Drums (2011-2012)
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