Second Nature

by A Sudden Revive

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released August 25, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at HAM STUDIOS
Artwork by Sigma Collective



all rights reserved


A Sudden Revive Dallas, Texas

A Sudden Revive is a 5 piece melodic metalcore outfit based out of the suburbs of Dallas.

Garrett Parsa: Lead Vocals
Jake Lewis: Lead Guitar
Rane Aldridge: Bass
Jacob Ortega: Drums

Past members
Brandon Howk: Lead Vocals (2009-2012)
Stephen Bricker:
Lead Vocals (2012-2015)
Jacob Gauthier: Drums (2009-2011)
Joey Almanza: Bass (2010)
Anthony Vera: Drums (2011-2012)
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Track Name: Relapse (Ft. Mark McSpadden of Windwalker)
Give me back
The strength to control my own life
How can ignorance be bliss
When it comes with a price
When will enough be enough
This broken place
Is not a sanctuary

I'm done throwing my life away
My body is burdened
But I am not a slave
To this consciousness any longer
Bound by the chains of my comfort
Broken free
Answers buried inside of me
But that still wasn't enough
To give up who I was

I'm so afraid
Of stumbling through the dark
In unfamiliar places
There has to be more to life than this
God tell me is there more than this

Was this the way
We were meant to be living
Prisoners in our own
Poisoned minds
I felt colors return to my body
The pain is fading away
I'm calling out from my suffering
To the voices of the ones I love
Please see me through this
I'm scared of falling again
Cause when it comes to getting up
I'm so clueless
Please see me through this

(Mark McSpadden of Windwalker)
How long will this take
All these thoughts in my mind
Keep pressing me
Lead me out of this
Broken home
We are destroying our lives
How could we be so numb and blind
We are destroying our lives
I'm admitting that this isn't living
This is simply surviving
We are destroying our lives

Feeling returns
I felt blood rush through
Every vein in my body
I'm breathing again
I felt my heart beating again
That's a feeling that I'll never
Take for granted
I felt my heart beating again
That's a feeling that I'll never
Take for granted
Track Name: Outreach
From the fears in my mind
That each passing day
Leads me further away
From where I want to be
Ambition drives us
On the path that we decide for ourselves
We chose the narrow road
Eyes fixed on a destination
And now

My heart is set to wander
Searching for answers
How can we make it this far
Just to turn back now
These thoughts won't be silenced

But I'll continue pushing
Cause I can't feel
Any progression in my steps
It's so hard to carry on
Thinking I'll just fail
So now I'm leaving it all behind
Right now
I'll move forward
Right now
I'm leaving here
I'm done breathing in stagnant air

I'm calling out to you
Reach out to me

The road before us
Replete with uncertainties
I don't need to know where I'm going
Just want to know
That I'm going somewhere (x2)


Go back
Go back
To a time and a place
Where the music meant more
Than this pain
I have faith in these words
And hands that can pave the way (x2)

Track Name: Death Bed
Through my eyes I see
That there's too many people
Too obsessed with what the world
Has come to be
Over examining every possibility
Of how they could become
Another casualty
To another conspiracy

Now they've thrown their lives away
They've been consumed
With the possibility
Of corruption
And seeking answers
As if these answers are worth
Anything at all

They seem to believe
That if they find out
That they've been right all along
That it will change the outcome
Of the tragedy that occurred
Their lives have been blurred

Paranoia takes its control
(Takes its control)
Don't let it overtake me
Life can pass so quickly
(Can pass so quickly)
All in a matter of moments
Stop dwelling on the minor things
And just live

A man
On his death bed
Only wishes for one thing
That he could go back and relive
These moments
That passed too quickly
He realized that he was
Too focused on death
That he'd forgotten how to live
All time has been lost
While their minds have been
Too focused
On when they take their final breath

Just live
Stop wasting your time
Just live
Stop wasting the time of your live

Just live
Track Name: Change Of Heart
Ghosts haunt the streets in my mind
Blocking out my happiness
Blocking out the light
I'm drowning
In a sea of

A word synonymous
With living in this hell
I can't escape
This empty cycle
Reaps no rewards
Just whispers spiteful persuasions
That this hell
Is all I'll ever know
This inner absence
Is all I'll ever know

I'm lost seeking guidance
In the shadows
And the depths left unexplored
Just seem so shallow now
I'm rediscovering my fears again
I'm rediscovering my fear
Of the unknown
And I just want it all to end
I can't pretend to be
To be okay anymore
I can't pretend that this is all
In my head
I'm living like a stranger
In my own skin
I'm not forgetting that
I want to feel warmth
In my lungs again
And the wind in my face
How could I ever forget
Such a beautiful feeling

God bring me home again
I'll stay silent
Grin and bear it
So we can forget the pain
And all about the


A man I know
Came to me
And the words he spoke
Still plague my dreams
"I don't want you to feel
I don't want you to care
I don't want you to love
Because love isn't fair
Because love isn't fair
It's not in the air
It's not this glorious thing
That people claim to bear
It's started numerous wars
Left numerous scars
Left me with shattered remains
Of half of my heart
And if I had the choice
I swear I'd fight
And I would do with love
What love did to my life"
Track Name: Impulse
I've been down in the hollows
I know exactly what it's like
To breathe in air that's too
Thick to swallow
I'd suggest not to follow
Cause the only reward
Was an even deeper sorrow

Never make
A life ending decision
That was simply based on impulse
I've considered
Kicking the chair
I've held my breath
Til I was out of air
Til this life was clouded by fear
I have been there

Don't leave this world today
When there's a better life
Waiting for you tomorrow
Gripping a gun
You've said that you're done
But don't let this
Depression take the best of you

You feel like giving up
As if there's no other option
(No other option)
Wipe the worry from your eyes
Gilded full of lies
The only way through this
Is realizing you're alright

We will stand straight until the end
Til we find happiness from within
We will never give up
This fight
(Stand straight and fight on) x2

Walk with your head held high
I cannot breathe
Stop letting them break you down
I'm on my knees
Walk with your head held high

Stand straight and fight on

Walk with your head held high
Stop letting them break you down
Walk with your head held high
Stop letting them break you down